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My name is Abby, I am a multi-disciplinary designer based out of Salt Lake City, UT. I am passionate about enhancing experiences for brands and their audiences by forming rooted narratives that evoke emotion, thought and behavior. My process is grounded in research, systems and strategy, I believe making intentional decisions results in the most impactful solutions.

In my free time I love to be in the sunshine surrounded by nature and good company. I’m always open to an adventure and learning new skills.

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Bachelor of Science,
Multi-Disciplinary Design
University of Utah ︱22


Digital Design Assistant                          
Sundance ︱23-24 

Freelance Designer                                  
Freelance ︱22-24

Graphic Designer + Video Editor
AGEIST ︱21-22

Production Assistant  
Visibility Signs & Graphics ︱18-19

Design Assistant  
AnnaBelle Design ︱18